Back to the Basics Series: Networks

Hardware Components

Understanding the basics is key to understanding how services can best serve your needs. Today, we are breaking down the very simple components of a network and explaining each briefly, building for next week’s post.


These are the high-powered computers that manage what is on the network and provide the user access to anything from files to applications.


Computers that are in the network that have access to the servers and resources on the network such as printers. Peers: Clients that share the network; i.e. multiple computers.

Connecting Devices

Hardware (physical equipment) required to access and interact on the network (routers, hubs switches, etc)

Network Circuit

The pathway that connects and allows communication between devices which uses transmission media to connect.

Transmission Media

Physical or wireless means of which data is transferred from one device in the network to another.

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Network monitoring on computer screens in a data centre