Data Center Modernization

Data center modernization is a process that the entire tech industry is going through right now. As new technologies are emerging and data centers are getting more crowded, it’s becoming necessary to upgrade them. This will help companies meet their performance and cost optimization goals as well as prepare for future usage of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and other new innovations.

When it comes to data center modernization, organizations should think of it as a process, not a project. Installing new technology is just one step. When you modernize your data center, you’re creating a more streamlined and efficient space that will be able to accommodate the needs of your business for many years to come.

Scope Your Data Center Modernization Initiative

Before you begin any data center modernization initiative, you first need to scope out exactly what you want to achieve. The scope of your project should be very clear to all stakeholders, whether they be employees or contractors. A data center modernization scope of work will outline the goals, objectives, reasons, and benefits of the project, timeline, resources, and budget.

Assess Your Current Infrastructure

To make informed decisions about the future of your data center, you first need to understand what your current data center infrastructure looks like. This includes the following:


Understand your network topology, how it connects to your devices, IP addressing scheme, and pick a new topology that fits your future needs.

Racks & Cabling

Identify the number and type of racks, the cable types used, their condition, and if the cabling is laid out efficiently.

Power & Cooling

Understand the power distribution architecture and floor plan of your data center, along with the type and condition of cooling systems.

Security & Access

Understand who has access to the data center, how they gain access, the security of your assets, and what type of monitoring and auditing is in place.

IT Assets

Know what IT assets are in the data center and their purpose, what the future needs are for these devices, and how long they will last.

Architect Your New Data Center

Start by creating a high-level diagram of what your new data center will look like by building a data center model. A data center model is a visualization of your data center that shows all the components that are in use. It will help you understand where you have the most space available and where you could benefit from consolidating equipment to maximize real estate.

Implement New Technologies

Now that you’ve scoped out your data center modernization initiative and have an idea of what your new data center architecture looks like, it’s time to implement new technologies. Depending on the scope and complexity of your project, you may choose to outsource or bring the work in-house. In either case, you will need to establish a detailed project plan that outlines the full scope of work, milestones, deliverables, and timelines.

Optimize Everything

After implementing new technologies, it’s time to optimize everything. This step may seem vague, but it’s an important one. You don’t want to overlook anything. Test your new infrastructure to make sure it’s meeting your performance needs, protected against potential threats, conforms to company security standards, and is easy to manage.

Operate and Monitor Continuously

The final step in the data center modernization process is to operate and monitor continuously. Now that your data center is up and running, it’s important to continuously monitor the environment. This helps to identify and fix issues before they become critical. Reach out to your network or data center provider to discuss how you can monitor your new data center. This can help you identify issues before they impact your organization.

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