Everything You Need To Know About Cloud Security

Thousands of businesses are already using the Cloud for their business operations. As more and more organizations are transitioning toward Cloud-based platforms and tools, Cloud Security has become more vital than ever. Cloud empowers businesses to be more flexible, efficient, secure, reliable, and economical. It provides businesses with shared resources rather than investing in local servers and devices for your business operations. Read more about how cloud helps business transformation here.

Cloud Security

What is cloud security?

Cloud Security is a term for strategies with a different set of rules and technologies which then monitor and analyze cloud network/platform for various external and internal threats and vulnerabilities. Various systems and software are put together to participate in order to provide users secure access to the Cloud. Technological features like zero trust network access, secure web gateway, firewalls, data loss preventions, identity management, and many more secure endpoints and provide more certainty to users.

Why is cloud security important

Many cloud services have pre-integrated security features to block unauthorized access to user applications and data. However, these features provide very limited security and are never enough to avoid cyber attacks. Security needs vary by the type of network deployment. Customized firewalls, penetration tests, data segmentation, network encryption, user behavior monitoring, and 24×7 live threat intelligence and prevention are a few ways to protect cloud resources. IT professionals help companies manage compliance standards by defining access levels as per users and to adopt advance security measures by enabling data recovery, protecting networks and data against malicious theft, and by conducting security audits to identify and eliminate human errors and negligence.

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