VPN? What Is It & Why Do You Want It?

You have probably heard of VPNs and either use or know someone who does, probably to stream Netflix from the USA. So let’s break it down on how a VPN can help you as well as what it even is.


Virtual Private Network. When connected to a VPN, internet traffic is routed through a private service instead of the ISP (Internet Service Provider). The VPN hides your IP address (a unique address that identifies a device on the internet or local network). It essentially creates an encrypted tunnel for you to operate in so that the data submitted is protected and private. Normally, you will sign up for a VPN service subscription and then download it onto your devices you want to use, then login when you want to use it. From there, you are free to use the web like normal.

Ok so what does this actually mean or what does it do that is so helpful?

As you know, being online comes with a myriad of issues and a VPN can eliminate many of them.

Protecting Browsing History

Which also helps prevent ads generated from that history

Hiding Streaming Location

Allowing you eliminate geo-restrictions and take your Netflix/Amazon/Disney+, etc on the go with you when you travel outside the country and maintain your location (or use another location)

Secure IP and Location

If people can access your IP address they can access/view/sell your search history data

Device Security

Prevent identity theft, hackers, and other various malicious attacks on your devices

Ensure Internet Freedom

As long as your VPN does not log your browsing history (double check this when you select one), you are protected from government surveillance, which has become more prevalent in recent years. 

There are other benefits such as changing your location so that you can take advantage of better deals (often reported for flights/travel related) and getting access to sporting events, or not having your data throttled by leaving the country. Of course once you have a VPN you can find out an array of features that are quite helpful. 

A VPN will provide you with an excellent added layer of security on your devices and is highly recommended if you frequently use public wi-fi or want any of the above benefits, but make sure VPNs are legal in your country, which in Canada they are. 

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