Megawire’s managed IT services provide clients with a complete information technology solution, backed by decades of experience. Our comprehensive background in networking, storage, and virtualization allows us to address a wide range of IT challenges and proactively spot problems for your business.

Our team can install on-site infrastructure, manage your organization’s network remotely, or offer cloud hosting using our local-to-Canada servers — our team will develop a solution to fit your business needs. Customizable alerts and detailed reporting features allow you to stay updated on the status of your network and other applications around the clock.

Managed Network Services

Ensure that your office has all of the resources that it needs to operate smoothly, efficiently, and securely. Our managed network services provide you with the infrastructure, software, and technical support to function at peak performance.

Stay focused on the day-to-day tasks of running your business and let us take care of managing your network. Our team can provide a full-suite of services or work in collaboration with your IT department.

Find out why network monitoring is important for the security your business.

Our managed network services can include:

  • Managed WAN / LAN
  • Managed Gateways
  • Managed Applications
  • Managed Servers & Backups
  • Network Monitoring

Data Storage

Ensure that your business data is stored in a secure, local, and easily-accessible environment. Our data storage services provide managed backups, with fast and reliable restore times.

At Megawire, we specialize in providing local storage options to keep your data in Canada — we do not send it to a third-party and backups can be done at your location or at our local data centre.

Our team can set-up storage at your place of business, an external facility of your choosing, or at one of our dedicated storage locations.

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Virtualized Network Services

Create a single virtualized environment for your network and other business applications.

Network virtualization allows businesses to consolidate server hardware by using software containers to run multiple systems and  applications on a single machine.

Virtualized networks provide a number of benefits to businesses, including reduced power consumption, lower management time, and improved troubleshooting. Many enterprise-level organizations are turning to virtualization as an IT solution due to its numerous advantages.

Our team can help you configure your own virtual environment or set up a new one from start to finish, while providing ongoing technical support. Offering in-depth experience with network virtualization platforms like VMware and HyperV, we can provide an optimal virtualized solution for your business.

Other IT Solutions

At Megawire, we provide a wide range of custom IT solutions to fit the specific needs of your business. In addition to the services listed above, we also provide the following support and services:

  • Data Centre Colocation — Options for colocation space, interconnection, cooling, power, security, and technical support.
  • Disaster Recovery — Services to assist following ransomware attacks, equipment failure, electrical failure, or natural disasters.
  • IT Department Mergers & Acquisitions  — Support the transition and merging of multiple network infrastructures by smoothing the path and minimizing disruptions to workflow.
  • Network Consulting & Analysis  — An in-depth audit of your network environment, along with recommendations for performance and security improvements.

Training & Certifications

At Megawire, all of our technicians are professionally-certified with third-party vendors and receive extensive in-house training. Our in-house training includes job shadowing in the field, hands-on labs, and pre-selected, professional reading materials. All of the training materials and exercises are designed by our senior team members to prepare new employees for real-world scenarios.

Vendor Certifications