Protect, power and connect your organization with Megawire’s best in-class standard or custom configurations for data center colocation.

You can configure circuits and infrastructure to ensure the highest uptime and optimized power that is designed to meet and exceed your security and operating requirements. Megawire’s facility access, services and amenities anticipate regular operating needs, whether local or remote. With access to Megawire’s entire interconnection and digital infrastructure services portfolio, you can customize your rack or cabinet to meet specific technical, operational, and security needs. Megawire’s dynamic data center of leading services, networks, providers and partners offers rich interconnection options within a diverse and rapidly growing digital ecosystem.

A colocated deployment – whether a complex, customized private rack or a simple single cabinet – housed within our data center is your private, secure physical entryway to Megawire’s Colocation Platform.


Lower Costs – When comparing the costs of a colocation data center with the option of building your own facility, it is an obvious choice. Unless your equipment requires a considerable amount of room, the costs will be far lower when using Megawire’s colocation option.

Fewer Technical Staff – You don’t need to worry about things like running cables, managing power, installing equipment, or any number of other technical processes. Megawire’s colocation data center will even be able to replace components or perform other tasks as needed. This means you don’t need to have a large IT staff employed to handle this work.

Exceptional Reliability – Megawire’s Colocation data center is built with the highest specifications for redundancy. This includes backup power generators, excellent physical security, multiple network connections and much more.

Predictable Expenses – The costs associated with Megawire’s colocation data center will be very predictable. Megawire’s upfront pricing is completely transparent, so you know exactly how to budget your IT needs.

Easy Scalability – With Megawire, you can quickly add new servers or other equipment to the facility when your business grows.

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