Businesses need to connect to the Internet to operate efficiently.

Legacy approaches attempted to force that traffic, which is mostly encrypted, through appliances that could not scale with complex and costly implementations to mitigate hardware failure or software upgrade downtime. Megawire replaces outdated boxes with one global network and one platform with a secure cloud-based management solution that makes it easy to deploy, monitor and upgrade any number of gateways and routers remotely.

As a single point of communication between the Management Agents (or any other customer-side products) and your Cloud Infrastructure, the Megawire Gateway provides greater control for administrators for direct access through the corporate firewall. With this connection, as the data passes through, it is integrated with a data analysis tool that links to many data sources. In an on-premises location, the connection from the cloud-based infrastructure to the on-premises data source is the Megawire Gateway. Our Team is very experienced and knowledgeable in all types of gateway solutions, their differences, installation, and scheduling.

Upgrade Your Network: Securely Connect with Megawire.

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