Vendor Management

Reduced capital expenditure for maintaining your own Disaster Recovery infrastructure. It is a massive capital expenditure to replicate your IT infrastructure and have expensive equipment sitting idle while waiting for a disaster to occur.

You can benefit from our economies of scale and expertise by using offsite resources while not compromising on your service requirements.

Fully flexible business continuity services that scale to your changing requirements at a time when businesses are having to change at a rapid pace to keep competitive, it is vital that you have a business continuity plan that keeps up with that change and can easily flex up or down to meet your particular business requirements.

Comprehensive Service Portfolio

Your data is invaluable, requiring constant protection. We offer cost-effective, proactive security solutions that predict and identify vulnerabilities in an ever-changing environment. Gain peace of mind with evolving threat protection and core security capabilities without expanding your workforce. Be secure in the face of growing device proliferation and confidently meet the needs of a mobile workforce.

Protect Your Data

Expertise & Partnerships forms strategic tech partnerships, upholding high standards. Our expert team ensures top-notch IT support and solutions. As threats multiply, staying secure demands more resources. Employing in-house experts is costly and complex. Megawire’s experienced team tailors security solutions for your business.

  • IT Security audits and testing.

  • Help with your security strategy.

  • Security architecture and implementation help.

  • IT compliance and security risk consultancy.

  • Threat and vulnerability management.

  • Incident management services.

  • Security education and awareness training.

  • Fully managed security services.

Streamlined Communication & Accountability

Eliminate the IT management hassles. We understand the complexities, risks, and resource demands of in-house IT. Partner with Megawire to focus on your strategic business needs. Our technicians handle diverse hardware and software vendors, building essential vendor relationships. We possess a deep understanding of your IT infrastructure and goals. Trust us to manage your vendor relationships, providing a single point of contact for all support and troubleshooting needs.

Simplify IT Management

Vendor Performance Monitoring

By outsourcing your IT Vendor relationships, you can reduce costs, improve performance, reduce hassles, and mitigate risk. Megawire’s technical expertise and experience support you to get the best value from your IT Vendors. It is our way of becoming your trusted IT Management partner, helping you meet your business goals by streamlining all elements of your IT platform – not just the elements that we are responsible for. By assessing your technology needs, you will enjoy a seamless and less time-consuming experience. We can help you identify your requirements, evaluate new suppliers, engage with them, manage their performance, and liaise with their support. We take all the burden away by making recommendations based on your assessed business needs, saving you time and effort.

Issue Resolution & Escalation

In the fast-paced world of 24/7 business, secure and swift recovery is essential. Opt for our managed business continuity service for peace of mind and a compliant, tested recovery solution. Link to Megawire’s secure offsite platform for cost-effective brand protection. Our proactive support ensures smooth operations, minimizing downtime and saving valuable resources.

Resolve Issues Swiftly

Optimize Efficiency with Megawire's Vendor Management

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Here at Megawire, we are passionate about Managed Solutions. We operate under the belief that a business should have proper IT consulting, whether they are a small business, an entrepreneur, or a startup. Megawire exists to help businesses take dysfunctional or outdated tech and make it functional.

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